WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — The releasing of balloons was the highlight earlier Thursday evening of a vigil in Warren to honor a man murdered a week ago. 23-year-old Jauton Lee was shot to death on West Market Street. A lot of people showed up for the vigil which surprised no one and was a testament to his character.

At around 6 p.m. a crowd of 150 people walked across the street from the Fairview Gardens Apartment of Lee’s mother, Tiana Jackson. One man carried a picture of Lee handsomely dressed in a blazer. When everyone was in place, Lee’s grandmother, Wynette Jackson, spoke briefly.

“I wished we’d have had him longer. But we know where he is. God got him and he’s all right,” said Wynette.

“He loved his mama, grandma, his fiance. He loved his daughter to death, you know,” said Lee’s uncle Rahsheen Jackson. He remembered his nephew as a wide receiver and linebacker at Warren Harding High.

“I was just actually watching his highlight tape yesterday. I just had to go back and watch something,” said Rahsheen.

“Just let it go. Long live J. Long live J,” said the crowd chanted.

As a sea of balloons lifted into the sky those who had gathered remembered the good times.

  • Jauton Lee vigil
  • Jauton Lee vigil

“I loved him so much, seeing his face every day. I’ll miss all that but we’re here to have a good time and let off some balloons and think of good memories about my son,” said Tiana.

Lee’s fiance and daughter were in the crowd. People gathered around them to offer hugs. Eventually, the discussion turned to how to end the violence.

“As it don’t make no sense what’s going on. Especially the gun law that passed because they taking young people’s lives and lives that die for no reason whatsoever, and I think all this should stop and get these guns off the street immediately,” said Wynette.

“If everybody would just leave each other alone and just go on about their business we would be all right around here. I don’t have any solution. If there was a solution it would have soluted I guess,” said Rahsheen.

The funeral for Lee will be Monday at noon at Warren’s Second Baptist Church. 20-year-old Dominic Harvey of Warren has been arrested and charged with Lee’s murder.