SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – There are many ways to get rid of pesky weeds, but the Sharon Beautification Commission has a creative approach.

Workers with Allegheny Goatscape and the Sharon Beautification Committee herded 14 goats and one donkey onto a trailer Friday morning. The animals were brought in to help with weed control.

“That’s what our goal was to make it so that was all eaten down and we can see the river again. That’s what we want,” said Ann U’Halie, a spokesperson with the Sharon Beautification Committee.

The committee paid a little over $1,200 to rent the animals from a Pittsburgh-based group known as Allegheny Goatscape. This is the second year they’ve been used to help clean up the riverbank for everyone to enjoy.

“They couldn’t get here. It was so overgrown. Now, they see the paths to go down there,” U’Halie said.

By letting the animals do what they do best, they can clean up areas without having to use harsh chemicals.

Gavin Deming with Allegheny Goatscape said this is their sixth year offering the goats for cleanup. He said his predecessor came up with the idea and he wanted to keep it going.

The herd in Sharon is one of four. Each herd is named after the donkey that watches over them.

“Many of the places we go are wooded, so they (donkeys) will keep coyotes away and just protect the rest of the goats,” he said.

Committee members say they plan to have the goats back next year.