YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s a new shortage problem that is affecting local wineries and distilleries. They have the product but they have no bottles.

“This year, we’re having a glass bottle shortage. We got products, no bottles to put it in,” said Bill Candella, owner of Candella Distillery in Youngstown.

Candella says they used to go through about a couple hundred thousand bottles a year. But now, bottles are much harder to come by.

“Right now, for about four months, we didn’t have anything,” Candella said.

And it’s not just his distillery experiencing the effects of shipping backups, labor woes and truck shortages.

“I went to one in Pittsburgh when this first started. It was an empty warehouse. It was about a 200,000 square foot warehouse, empty. You could actually see all the walls. They were just sweeping the floors — that’s all they could do. They had no bottles at all,” Candella said.

The glass bottle shortage has become a waiting game for many, especially because most wineries and distilleries need several types of bottles.

“It’s just like anything else in manufacturing. Once you’re manufacturing something special like a bottle or plastic bottle, glass bottle, they run whatever they’re making until they’re done. So who knows where ours is on the chain to be made,” Candella said.

Candella says the shortage has impacted his sales.

“I got two big customers that are nationwide that we make products for because we don’t make it just for here and I can’t get the product to them,” he said.

Others like Carlee Webb, the owner of Webb Winery in Hermitage, foresaw a problem with glass back in the summer, so they acted quickly.

“We actually did preorder a semi-truck of bottles because if we don’t have bottles then obviously we don’t have a product that we can sell,” she said.

Candella says he luckily also had some extra bottles, which has helped throughout the shortage. But he says it’s a crisis and wineries and distilleries are the last to get hit.