Girard mayor: ‘Not surprised’ by no-confidence vote on city’s 911 center

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Girard Mayor Jim Melfi said he was “not surprised” that the firefighters’ union voted “no confidence” in the city’s 911 Dispatch Center.

Mayor Melfi calls it an ongoing bone of contention.

IAFF Local 1220 says their action reflects an ongoing dissatisfaction with the city’s dispatch. The union is concerned it is incapable of safely and efficiently serving the fire and emergency medical service needs of both citizens and the department.

Union officials say they’ve recorded more than 500 dispatching delays and failures of notification since 2008.

“We want to be notified in a timely fashion so that we can respond to medical calls in a timely fashion, car accidents in a timely fashion and fires in a timely fashion,” said IAFF Local 1220 Vice President Bryan Iceman. 

Union members support moving their dispatching to the Trumbull County 911 Center, but Mayor Melfi said that would cost the city additional dollars for services in which they already have the personnel. 

“Most important, not one Girard citizen, not one individual has complained about the lack of emergency services on the scene in 11 years,” Melfi said. 

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