AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The man suspected of robbing banks in the Valley, as well as one in the Pittsburgh area, is expected to make his first appearance in court Thursday morning.

Austintown Police provided body camera video as officers were taking James Verdream into custody Tuesday afternoon, after a brief chase on Route 11 where he ran into the median but was quickly caught. Verdream can be heard asking why police were after him.

Officer: Why’d you run?
Verdream: Why? Who’s after me? You or the Feds?
Officer: Doesn’t matter.
Verdream: It does matter a lot.
Officer: It doesn’t matter.
Verdream: Can I have my glasses back on, please?
Officer: Well no ’cause you’re not done rolling around here.
Verdream: Well get the (expletive) Feds here.

Authorities said Verdream is facing a federal probation violation charge from a previous bank robbery conviction.

He’s being held for now in the privately-run prison on Youngstown’s east side.