‘Get as far as you can’: Trucks, jeeps drive through mud competition in Lisbon

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All sorts of trucks and jeeps competed to see who could drive through the mud in Lisbon

LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – It was a beautiful day to get a little muddy Sunday afternoon, as all sorts of trucks and jeeps competed to see who could drive through the mud in Lisbon.

“You get to play in the mud, and you get to have horsepower,” said Cathleen Lester of Tri County Four Wheelers.

“This is a mud bog. Guys build trucks with big tires, big suspension, high horsepower, try to get through the mud bog, get as far as you can as fast as you can out the end,” said Chad Krug, also of Tri County Four Wheelers.

That’s pretty much it.

One long pit of mud about 200 feet long with guardrails on each side.

People lined up both sides to cheer.

“They can modify them. Some do them street legal. Some of them put bigger tires, bigger motors, but some people just bring their trucks off the street, and they go through the pit,” Lester said.

It’s all based off a point system. There are different classes based off tire size, but safety is still required.

“The rules, you have to have a helmet. You have to have face protection and you’re allowed to have a passenger, but they also have to have a helmet,” Lester said.

Tri County Four Wheelers puts on different competitions a few times a month.

If you get stuck, they pull you out.

A trophy is awarded at the end of their season, but that’s not all.

“I guess bragging right would be the main thing,” Krug said. “The guy with the biggest horsepower gets the furthest, I would say.”

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