General Motors is open to selling the Lordstown plant if the right offer comes along.

GM spokesman Dan Flores said the company has received inquiries from several parties about the Lordstown Complex as well as the Chevy Cruze.

He said the company will consider any offer that’s truly a viable business opportunity. 

GM is not disclosing specific information on the proposals. 

Tuesday, Cleveland auto dealer Bernie Moreno offered to buy 150,000 Chevy Cruzes for a new worldwide ride-sharing that service he wanted to start.  

GM turned that offer down.

The response from GM comes after calls again from President Donald Trump to open or sell the plant. Trump made the comments during a visit to Lima, Ohio on Wednesday. 

Flores also released the following statement from the company: 

To be clear, under the terms of the UAW-GM National Agreement, the ultimate future of the unallocated plants will be resolved between GM and the UAW.  We remain open to talking with all affected stakeholders, but our main focus remains on our employees and offering them jobs in our plants where we have growth opportunities. We have now placed over 1,000 employees from our unallocated plants to other GM locations, and we have opportunities available for virtually all impacted employees.