Gas leak in Warren closes down pumps at Parkman Road gas station

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It was around 4 p.m. on Wednesday when Warren Fire Department got a call about gasoline bubbling up from an underground tank at the Fast Fuel gas station along Parkman Road.

Hazmat crews immediately put out white pads to soak up any excess gasoline and formed a perimeter to prevent it from escaping. They also blocked off any drains that lead to waterways or sewer lines.

The gas pumps were completely shut off but people were still able to go inside the store.

Warren firefighters and the Hazmat crew said there was no danger to any nearby homes.

Later Wednesday evening, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency closed off the entrance to the gas station and brought in a large tanker truck, which siphoned out the gas from the underground containers.

Hazmat said those containers hold a little more than 5,000 gallons of gas, however, they do not believe much actually escaped.

“How much is saturated into the ground around the parking lot, we’re not sure. That, we’ll check into for EPA but right now, we have nowhere near that amount on the property,” said Kevin Kuriatnyk, chief of the Trumbull County Hazmat team.

The next step in all of this is to find out what led to the gas leaking, but Ohio EPA officials say it could be some time before they know exactly what caused it.

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