COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Executives with Columbia Gas of Ohio say they’re trying to stay ahead of the future with potential growth.

Crews have started preliminary work on a major gas line project running along Route 14 in Columbiana. It will include installation of about 10,000 feet of new, more durable pipeline to enhance service in the area for existing customers but also for those looking to expand or locate in the city.

“But as a result of the project, we will have a larger capacity to support growth and development for future folks who may think about industry and things like that in Columbiana,” said Ben Cutler, a spokesperson for Columbia Gas. “We don’t want to come to Columbiana and build a plant or build a facility but then they can’t get natural gas, so if we can take any proactive steps to make sure we have good supply, good capacity, that’s prudent to do right now.”

Columbia gas pipeline map
Courtesy: Columbia Gas of Ohio

Installation of the new main should begin in early April. That’s likely to mean some traffic disruptions in the area for several months.

Officials say the project, including restoring customers’ properties, should be finished late this summer.

How the project may impact you: (Source Columbia Gas)

  • Install gas lines: Columbia Gas will replace the main line and service lines that connect your home to our gas system. They will schedule an appointment with you to connect your home or business to the system. For your safety, your gas service will be off during the installation. They may relocate the meter to an appropriate place outside – at no additional cost to you.
  • Safety check and relight: Once the gas work is completed, Columbia Gas will conduct a natural gas safety inspection outside and inside your home or business. After a successful inspection, they will relight your appliances.
  • Clean up: They will repair or replace any portions of sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, etc. disturbed by the work. The goal is to restore everything as close to its original condition as possible.