YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – On this 45th anniversary of Black Monday, the owner of the Youngtown Flea was trying to change the narrative and replace Black Monday with Reclaiming Our Identity Day.

A handful of people showed up at the Youngstown Flea for a Reclaiming Our Identity Day commemoration. Owner Derrick McDowell led the events.

McDowell doesn’t want to forget Sept. 19, 1977, when Youngstown Sheet & Tube announced the closing of Campbell Works, he just wants to look at it differently.

“A lot of times what we are stuck in is our own mentality. Sometimes we’ve allowed folks to tell us who we are instead of owning that narrative. So today is really about making sure we understand first and foremost who we are,” he said.

Reclaiming Our Identity Day is recognized by Youngstown. Four years ago, city council passed a resolution to make the day legal.