YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Family, friends and long-time listeners gathered to pay tribute to AC McCullough on Thursday.

At 76, AC McCullough passed away this past Friday evening at a hospital in Cleveland. He was the voice of the Valley for 52 years at WHOT.

“I worked with him for about 20 years. And he was just very special … Treated everybody the same. And what can I say, I’m just so stunned that he’s gone,” said Bob Popa, a long-time coworker.

In difficult times, locally or nationally, he was a familiar, friendly voice during difficult times or uncertainty. Many remember waiting to hear if A.C. was going to cancel their school on a snowy winter morning.

“What we have here today is the end of an era, really. And AC had such a remarkable career. To be able to do what he did for 52 years and stay relevant is absolutely amazing,” said “Fast” Freddie Woak of Y-103 and Cumulus Radio.

His funeral was a who’s who of valley disc jockeys, past and present, and media professionals.

“He still had a fascination with the theater of radio that really kinda disappeared over the years. But I know he marveled at it, studied it and put it out over the radio when he could do it too,” said Jeff Kelly, a friend and radio colleague.