SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) — The search is on for a suspect who attacked a man Tuesday night in a Sharon plaza.

Mark Heyman was hit in the head with a pipe while out alone for an evening of internet gambling. His face is broken and bruised, and he experienced a small brain bleed and concussion. His glasses were also broken. The motive is suspected to be money.

Heymore’s friend, Phyllis Montmore, wants to share the story and her belief that someone knows something about it.

Montmore said Heyman went alone for internet gambling. The attack took place when he was walking back to his car.

“They could have showed him the pipe and said, ‘Hey, give me your money.’ He would have given it to them. He’d have given him the car keys,” says Montmore.

Montmore says Heyman passed out but made it back inside to call for help. She realized the severity of the attack when cleaning the pants he had been wearing during it.

“There was blood inside the pant pocket where they took his wallet. The person who hit him had to be covered in blood,” said Montmore.

She added that there was blood in the parking lot and inside the car.

Montmore says she feels someone knows more information on the attack. She knows the incident was recorded because the area is loaded with security devices

“This place is directly across the street from the Sharon Police Department. There’s cameras loaded on that place,” said Montmore.

She says she believes police will solve the crime and charge the person responsible, but she wants the community to help.

“If you know anything about this, do the right thing. I’m begging you, please. Please, call the Sharon Police Department,” says Montmore.

Montmore was told the owner of the plaza was going to give the recording from their security camera to the police, and that could be the first step to getting a break in the case.