(WKBN) — Funny, caring and a wonderful mother to a 5-year-old beautiful girl — that’s how Ashley Lockhart was described by her best friend of over 10 years.

“Ashley was always the caring one. She would, you know be able to light up a room with her laughter, even if something wasn’t funny, it became funny because of her. She was always there when you needed somebody,” said Nicole Van Horn.

Late Oct. 8, Ashley’s life was taken from her. Police have charged Steven Green, III, with aggravated murder in connection to Ashley’s death. Green and Ashley shared a child together. Van Horn says the relationship between them was bad at times.

“He was always very manipulative and tried to control Ashley, Ashley broke away from that situation a while ago…. There’s many times over the last couple years Ashley reached out to try to get help and sometimes when she would get help, she would back out of it. Like he was very manipulative,” Van Horn said.

Nicole says Ashley was passionate about working in the medical field and more than anything, she loved her family and daughter with all her heart.

“She was a proud mom, she always talked about her daughter. It was like her number one thing. You would ask her, you know, ‘Well what do you do for fun?’ and it’s, ‘I’m a mom, I love being a mom,'” she said.

Now, her 5-year-old daughter is with Ashley’s grandparents. Nicole says Ashley had a close-knit family who is now hurting, but trying to keep each other together.

“We’ll always make sure that her daughter is well taken care of and that she’s fine. But, our goal pretty much is that Ashley gets the justice that she deserves,” she said.