CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – Some children in Campbell are receiving the gift of better eyesight thanks to a local non-profit group that started the program six years ago.

Dr. Sergul Ezurum is with “Sight For All,” which provides eye exams and glasses for students who need them – – all free of charge. He says that children just were not getting the vision services they needed.

The organization obtains donations and grants to pay for the lenses and frames, which were made through 3-D printing at Fitz Frames. The company works out of the Youngstown Business Incubator.

The kids are measured using a special iPad app, and each child receives two pairs of glasses – one for school and one to have at home.

“The reason behind that is the number one problem we see in children is they break them, they lose them, they don’t bring them to school,” Erzurum said.

In Ohio, students are tested for their vision in kindergarten, first and fifth grades. At Campbell Elementary, about 40 to 50 are recommended to their parents to get glasses in any given year but less than 12 actually get them.

“Especially now with COVID, these kids have already so many setbacks academically and then on top of that you have vision disability,” Erzurum said.

This year’s program provided nearly 400 students in Campbell, Youngstown and Liberty with new glasses, with some getting the chance to see clearly for the first time in years.