LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN)- As Lordstown Motors plans to start production of the Endurance in the third quarter, Foxconn — the company that now owns the plant — welcomed the EV Delegation and local elected officials inside the plant to showcase what can be done at the facility.

“We’re excited to see this facility cone back into its prominence. We’re excited for Voltage Valley to develop here,” said Vice President of JobsOhio Dana Saucier.

As the new owners of what was once GM Lordstown, Foxconn welcomed EV executives to show off what the plant is capable of when it comes to meeting demand for electric vehicles.

“We want to build manufacturing and supply ecosystem and operate and localize here,” said Foxconn Technology Group Chief Executive Officer Jerry Hsiao.

In May, Lordstown Motors closed the sale of the former GM Lordstown plant and signed a contract agreement with Foxconn. The agreement had many conditions, including Foxconn, to be the manufacturer for Lordstown Motors first flagship vehicle, the Endurance.

“I think today we want to join together to celebrate the great foundation we see right now of the partnership between Foxconn and Lordstown,” said Director General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Johnson Chiang.

A part of the deal was for both companies to have a joint venture called MIH EV Design LLC with the common goal to work together with other partners on future development of electric vehicles.

“In the next couple of years I think with what we’re doing here in particular on the joint venture will help bring in the supply chain,” said CEO of MIH Consortium Jack Cheng.

“One thing about having a common architecture that can be used by multiple OEMs, the benefit of that is you could get scale and you don’t have to do it all yourself with a plant like this that can, six and a half million square feet, can build over 400,000 vehicles. One OEM doesn’t have to build that on their own,” said President of Lordstown Motors Edward Hightower.