Editor’s note: This story corrects a quote made by James Wu. We regret the error.

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — While this wasn’t First News 27’s first time inside the huge plant in Lordstown now owned by Foxconn, it was the first visit for a couple dozen Taiwanese investors and journalists.

“We are very excited to have them here to witness the progress of our EV,” said James Wu, chief spokesperson for Foxconn.

Wu led the private tour, consisting of those visiting Foxconn plants across the U.S. The group was led through parts of the facility never open to outsiders when General Motors had this plant.

At one point, the group watched workers piece together the body and chassis of a new Lordstown Motors “Endurance” pickup truck in an area aptly called the “Marriage Zone.”

Wu said the company’s goal is to eventually capture 5% of the global electric vehicle market.

“Definitely, I think most of the cars would be made here in 2025,” Wu said.

For the investors, as well as the Taiwanese media there on Wednesday, there’s a theme: There is plenty of room at this facility for growth and additional business in the future.

Beyond the Endurance pickup, Foxconn has agreements with Monarch Tractor, INDI EV and Fisker but is looking for more.

“We are looking for more start-up companies, customers, as well as the traditional car [original equipment manufacturing],” Wu said.

For now, the plant’s 400 workers are building pickups as orders come in for them.

But Wu predicts production to continue growing over the next two years as more agreements are reached — which would mean more of these robotic machines will be needed and more employees will be recruited to meet that demand.