LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Executives with IndiEV and Foxconn showed off an all-electric cross-over sedan in Lordstown on Tuesday as prototypes will be produced in the local plant.

A few test models of the sedan were built in California.

Foxconn workers stood in line for their chance to ride around the plant in the latest model to be built in Lordstown, the IndiEV Indi 1.

“What a fantastic day for another great celebration,” said Rick Rajaie, vice president of Foxconn.

Rajaie says this is the third deal the electronics maker has struck with other companies just in the five months since taking possession of what had once been the General Motors complex. He told workers this will be the future of the industry.

“Trust me, 2030, we will have a huge penetration of electric, autonomous, connected vehicles across the United States and globe,” Rajaie said.

IndiEV spokesman Bobby Bushell said after a number of meetings, executives signed a memorandum of understanding with Foxconn, saying the deal brings together IndiEV’s desire to build their Indi 1 in the U.S. with the Taiwanese company’s decades of experience.

For now, Foxconn builds only prototypes of the Indi 1, which feature powerful computers and multiple screens for streaming internet content and gaming.

IndiEV executives say the old notions of muscle cars with loud engines and fast speeds will become things of the past.

“It’s gonna be more and more about what you can do inside of that vehicle — what your vehicle can do for you — rather than some numbers on a paper,” Bushell said.

In this ever-growing world where there are so many things in a car that can be distracting to the driver, Bushell says when the car is in motion, the only thing the driver is going to see is information about the car itself.

“That far screen is gonna be available only to the shotgun passenger for that ‘infotainment’ experience. Then once you park the car, you’re able to switch that center screen over,” Bushell said.

New prototypes are expected early in 2023 and mass production — possibly in Lordstown — later in the year.

As for the next big unveiling…

“My plan is to have recurring events,” Rajaie said.

Bushell says the sedan will have a starting price of around $45,000 before incentives.

Chelsea Simeon contributed to this report.