Former Youngstown police officer sentenced for falsifying concealed-carry records

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Chance was accused of taking money to provide concealed-carry permits

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A former Youngstown police officer was sentenced for running what Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene calls a “CCW certificate mill.”

Phil Chance, Jr. was sentenced Wednesday morning.

Chance was accused of taking money to provide concealed-carry permits. He never had the proper certification, so the permits were useless.

Claiming to have a number of medical issues, Chance appeared to be in some pain as he stood in front of Judge Maureen Sweeney for sentencing.

Chance is a former Youngstown police officer and the son of disgraced Mahoning County Sheriff Phil Chance, Sr., who went to prison on federal corruption charges, but it was what the defendant told investigators about this case that angered Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene.

“His defense to the investigator was that myself and Major Allen and the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office is corrupt, which just blows my mind. I mean, it’s incredible,” Greene said.

Although Chance claims he falsified the documents to raise money to support himself and his family, authorities say he did it nearly 270 times over a seven-year period, even giving permits to people who never attended a single class.

“He was, essentially, for quite a few years, running basically a CCW certificate mill,” Greene said.

Although both Chance and his attorney begged for leniency, the judge ordered the defendant to spend six months in the county jail followed by six more months under house arrest.

Chance was also fined $7,500 and must pay nearly $7,000 in restitution to the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office.

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