(WKBN) – Former Storm Team 27 Meteorologist Craig Ziobert has been in seminary training for over a year. On Monday, he and other seminarians studying at Saint Mary’s Seminary near Cleveland were at the Vatican. They greeted Pope Francis and heard him deliver a message.

Ziobert said while Pope Francis was speaking in Italian, they were receiving his words in English so they could follow along.

It was a dream meeting for members of the group, who are training to become Catholic priests.

“Just very down to Earth. He did not seem like he was the leader of the entire Catholic church. He seemed like he was someone that wanted to just shake your hand like your grandfather would… He even gave us a couple of thumbs up as he was leaving the room. It was almost adorable in a sense,” Ziobert said.

  • Craig Ziobert meets Pope Francis
  • Craig Ziobert meets Pope Francis
  • Craig Ziobert meets Pope Francis
  • Craig Ziobert meets Pope Francis
  • Craig Ziobert meets Pope Francis

“Yeah, I felt like 5-year-old Arthur walking up to give Pap a hug,” said Seminarian Arthur Bodenshat.

Ziobert and Bodenshat said shaking hands with Pope Francis hasn’t settled in yet.

“It’s still kind of settling in because we had a busy afternoon as well. So it’s something we’re going to pray on for a little while,” Ziobert said.

“What words could I say to the Pope in 5 seconds that are going to mean anything to me or to him? So my only goal was just to make eye contact with him and let my eyes say what was ever on my heart,” Bodenshat said.

What they thought was the most admirable about him was his kindness.

“So for all of us to be together as one, kind of be in this moment with everyone together, is one of the amazing aspects of our community,” Ziobert said.

“So the goal is, let’s build up the church. Let’s spread the Gospel as much as possible,” Bodenshat said.

The group of seminarians has been in Rome since Friday. They are on an eight-day pilgrimage. Every five years, the seminary community goes to Rome during spring break.