Editor’s note: The above video is from Carabbia’s release from prison in 2002.

(WKBN) – A former mobster from the Poland area has died.

Ron “The Crab” Carabbia was 92.

Carabbia was released from prison in 2002 at the age of 73 after serving nearly 24 years. He was convicted in May 1978 of detonating the bomb that killed rival gangster Danny Greene in one of the Cleveland area’s most infamous slayings.

Carabbia also received a 12-year federal racketeering sentence in 1982.

At the time of his release, Carmen Marino, Cuyahoga’s former chief prosecutor, wrote that Carabbia had been removed from the crimal scene with no prospects of returning to it.

Carabbia’s brothers, Orland and Charles, were also involved in the scene, and audiotapes they made with Jim Traficant Jr. during his run for Mahoning County sheriff in 1980 were later used to indict him on bribery charges.

Traficant beat the charges and went on to win election to Congress.

Carabbia leaves behind his wife, Josephine, and two children.