WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A former Trumbull County official was arrested and accused of following young women.

Former Trumbull County Auditor David Hines is facing a misdemeanor menacing charge. He was booked and released from the Trumbull County jail Wednesday morning.

A 15-year-old girl reported being followed by a white Mustang as she was walking on Elm Road Tuesday afternoon. According to a police report, the teenager told officers an older man yelled to her to get in his car in a parking lot.

Tonaya Kemp, 16, says the same thing happened to her Sunday while she was walking to work.

“He rolls his window down and start talking to me telling me to get in his car–this and that and the third, and I’m telling him I don’t know him, stop talking to me before I mace him,” Kemp said.

Kemp says she always records video when she’s walking “just in case,” and got the car and the license plate on video.

“Actually, I wasn’t even scared. I was mad because it’s like dude, I don’t know you. You want me to get in your car. It’s weird,’ she said.

WKBN First News Trumbull County reporter Nadine Grimley tried to get answers from Hines and talked to him about the allegations:

Grimley: “We would like to speak to you about your arrest this morning.”
Hines: “Yea.”
Grimley: “What happened?”
Hines: “I don’t really….”
Hines’s daughter: “No, we’re not doing this.”
Hines: “I don’t”
Hines’s daughter: “Dad.”
Hines: “I don’t know.”
Hines’s daughter: “Respect him. I mean he’s got health issues.”
Grimley: “We’re just trying to get his side of the story.”
Hines’s daughter: “He has dementia. Can you respect that?”

Kemp’s mother Amber Butler says she doesn’t buy it.

“All of a sudden he got dementia, but he’s driving around just fine, trying to get little girls, but he got dementia. I’m not going for that,” Butler said.

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Hines is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in Warren Municipal Court.