YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Former police chief and current Second Ward Councilman Jimmy Hughes Sr. said he was defending himself Tuesday when he pulled a gun while investigating a string of burglaries in the area around McKelvey Lake.

Hughes said Wednesday he pulled a gun but did not point it at a man he was arguing with at about 5:50 p.m. in the 3300 block of Oak Street Extension.

“When he attacked me, I defended myself,” Hughes said.

The man said in a police report that he was in the area when Hughes spotted him and accused him of breaking into several homes in the area. He said he tried to get in his vehicle with his keys in his hands when Hughes put him in a chokehold.

Hughes said he did not use a chokehold but a “restraint” so that he could turn the man around. A witness told police they saw the man take a swing at Hughes, who ducked the punch, reports said.

“I put him in check with that,” Hughes said.

The man told police he did not want to press charges.

Hughes said the neighborhood around the lake has had a string of break-ins within the past month, and he thinks the man he argued with is the culprit because he fits the description of the man in security videos.

Hughes told police that the man held the keys in a threatening manner. Wednesday, he said the man was drawing back with them like he wanted to fight so he pulled a gun out to defend himself.

“I ordered him to drop the keys,” Hughes said. “He used the keys as a weapon.”

Hughes stressed he did not point the gun at the man, but he did pull it out.

Hughes served as police chief under former Mayor Jay Williams before retiring.