Former Pittsburgh Steeler helping area veterans

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A former Pittsburgh Steeler with four Super Bowl rings is offering to help veterans.

Jon Kolb played 13 seasons, starting 177 games along the offensive line. Now, he teaches Kinesiology at Youngstown State University and Penn State University as well as health science at Butler Community College. 

Tuesday, he was at the AMVETS Hall, telling veterans about a program called Adventures in Training with a Purpose.

It’s a physical training program which helps veterans improve their quality of life by confronting their health- and movement-related issues.

“We’re not training them to be a football player or not training them to be in any sport. We’re training them so that their balance improves, so that their flexibility improves, so that in some cases — this may not sound pretty — that they can get off of the toilet seat or off of the couch without their knees or their back hurting.” 

The program is free for veterans. 

More information is available at

Pennsylvania has the fourth highest total of veterans in the U.S., while Ohio ranks sixth. 

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