Former Lordstown workers don’t want GM to sell, mayor just wants jobs

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LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – General Motors is talking about selling its gigantic six million square foot facility in Lordstown, which had been making cars for 53 years before the change to unallocated status.

If autoworkers embraced the news on Wednesday, they weren’t showing it.

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The grass is tall around a sign saying “Save the Plant.” It’s been there for two months.

GM confirmed it’s talking about selling the Lordstown facility.

After the announcement, there were no cars honking in front of the plant with excited workers.

“We want GM to come back,” said Michael Aurilio, with UAW Local 1112.

The UAW still has a lawsuit against GM over the term “unallocated.”

Hearing of a possible deal with a Cincinnati company called Workhorse is still lightyears away to many workers who have been hoping to return to work.

“All it does is stir up workers,” Aurilio said. “What do they do?”

Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill heard Wednesday morning that President Trump was talking to GM CEO Mary Barra. A potential new use for the plant could be huge.

“Right now, we need jobs,” Hill said.

There are plenty of details that still haven’t been answered. Hill knows they’re important, and he’s willing to listen and provide help.

If GM is giving up on Lordstown, he wants the plant to be ready for what’s next.

“Could be big. Wave of future,” he said.

GM is committed to electric. If Lordstown wants to have a future, it may need to plug in also.

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