Former local UAW president attending State of Union with Sen. Sherrod Brown

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It's a return trip for Dave Green; last year, he attended as Congressman Tim Ryan's guest

WASHINGTON, DC (WKBN) – Former United Auto Workers Local 1112 President Dave Green will be attending the president’s State of the Union address, according to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown.

It’s a return trip for Green; last year, he attended as Congressman Tim Ryan’s guest.

Green left the area to take a job at a GM plant in Indiana after General Motors shut down its Lordstown plant.

GM ended production March 6, 2019 after announcing that it would stop making the Chevy Cruze, citing a shift toward trucks and SUVs.

Trump is familiar with Green. During news of GM Lordstown’s closure in March 2019, he criticized him on Twitter, saying Green need to “get his act together and produce.”

For his part, Green said the president “turned his back” on working families in a statement released by Sen. Brown’s office on Saturday.

“What President Trump has done in regards to telling people falsehoods, all these jobs are coming back. He came to a rally in Youngstown and told people, ‘Don’t sell your house.’ He talked about all these manufacturing jobs coming back, they haven’t done that,” said Green.

And while Green says he respects the office of president, he doesn’t approve of the president’s job performance.

Green does hope for a change, though he acknowledges that it takes more than just one position.

“Corporations need to focus more on the communities they do business in as opposed to shareholder returns. People are worth more than a paycheck,” Green’s statement read.

Brown added that Trump “has betrayed workers at every turn.”

“They’re only one person. We need to have a Senate and a Congress that works together, right? That works together, not just against each other in many cases, and the President has to be willing to sit down and work with them too,” Green said.

In a statement, Senator Brown says:

“We need to do better to honor the dignity of work in this country–and we can start by putting workers like Dave at the center of our tax and trade policies. If you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.”

“The workers at Lordstown helped create GM’s financial success and, instead of fighting to save these jobs, the President sided with corporations and gave companies like GM massive tax breaks to shut down American factories and ship jobs overseas,” he said.

Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday comes during his impeachment trial, during which he will likely be acquitted this week.

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