Former local commissioner convicted of felony writes book proclaiming innocence

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Frank Lordi, who was convicted of theft in office, compared what's happening to him to the president's impeachment

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Twenty years ago, Mahoning County Commissioner Frank Lordi was convicted of theft in office and spent 10 months in prison. To this day, he maintains his innocence and has written a book about it called Framed Innocence.

Lordi has consistently claimed he did nothing wrong and that the system was stacked against him.

“I wrote the book to let people know what you go through when you fight this corrupt system,” he said.

He hopes the book can prove his case.

“If they like crime, corruption or politics I’m giving it to them as plain as I could, and they can say, ‘Wow, does that really go on?’ Well, it does and I’m a walking billboard for ‘framed innocence,'” he said. “It’s absolutely illegal and unethical, and I know better and I wouldn’t do that.”

During his 1999 trial, Lordi testified that he did not have two county employees collect petitions on county time. Today, he denied it again.

“Absolutely, absolutely. In fact, I want to announce on this interview with you that I’m going to be filing a pardon with the governor of the state of Ohio,” he said.

Lordi lays out in the book, step by step, how he believes the system failed him, that he was treated unfairly.

“Oh absolutely, without a doubt,” he said.

In his book, he also talks about the 10 months he spent in prison.

“It wasn’t fun but I tried to fall back on my training in the United States Marine Corps: keep your eyes and ears open, keep your mouth shut,” he said.

And how hard it was when he was released from prison.

“Everybody thought I was a corrupt theft and no good politician, and that hurt me big time,” he said.

Lordi said he supports President Donald Trump and compares the president’s impeachment trial to what he went through.

He said the book simply tells his side of the story.

“I’ve lost the anger. The anger’s gone knowing I’m having this opportunity, but it lost a while back because it doesn’t do any good to harbor that. I’ve got to move forward, so I’m moving forward,” he said.

Lordi is now 74 and still owns ABC Fire Extinguisher.

He does name names in the book, but we’re not going to. For that, you’ll have to read it. It’s available on Amazon for $9.99.

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