(WKBN) – There’s a large group of former GM Lordstown workers now living in Kentucky. Some of them were in the path of the weekend tornadoes.

About 300 of them were transferred to GM’s Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which is about 130 miles east of Mayfield.

Tornadoes touched down in Bowling Green Saturday morning, where 12 people died and destruction was extensive.

Tim O’Hara’s wife works at the plant. He’s retired from GM Lordstown and UAW Local 1112.

“From what I’ve heard, no one from Local 1112, former members, were hurt or suffered any damage,” O’Hara said.

“We were very, very scared. I could just feel my adrenaline running,” said Julie Vugrinovich.

Julie and Dennis Vugrinovich live in Bowling Green. Dennis is a former Lordstown worker now at the Corvette plant. Julie pointed out that much of the area sits on caves and caverns.

“So there aren’t too many homes with basements and that is definitely one thing that I miss about Ohio is having a basement,” Julie said.

Julie and her husband took shelter in their kitchen pantry. The tornado touched down two miles away. She lost power, internet and TV. She had no heat until last night, but nothing was damaged.

O’Hara and his wife also had no damage and the Corvette plant did not take a direct hit.

“But it did suffer damage. They are actually shut down this week. There’s no production there and they’re assessing to see when they can possibly get back to work again,” O’Hara said.

The rest of Bowling Green wasn’t as lucky — 500 homes and 100 businesses were either destroyed or heavily damaged.

“I hope to get out there and help with the dig-out and the clean-up,” Julie said.