CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The former superintendent of Canfield Public Schools, Alex Geordan, is suing the Canfield Police Department and its chief for “defaming him.”

The lawsuit is in regard to “statements relating to what [Chief Charles] Colucci has publicly stated were lies and untruths told by Geordan,” according to a news release from Attorney David Engler.

Engler said Colucci made allegations during a public board meeting that Geordan was covering up criminal activities of students, something Engler said wasn’t true.

Geordan alleges that Colucci was trying to force him out as superintendent in an effort to reduce the role of school officials in school-related disciplinary matters. Attorney Engler said there has been “a push to criminalize everything that is being done in school,” matters that school officials can handle.

Geordan left his position with the school district January 1, though he’s serving in an administrative position with the district through July 31 to help with the transition. He’s being paid his full salary and will be paid for all of his unused vacation, personal leave and benefits through July 31, 2021, as part of the agreement.

Geordan’s resignation came amid claims from investigators, who said he intentionally made deceiving statements and downplayed a threat made to another student.

An investigation by the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office into the incident found that Geordan “made several deceptive statements, beginning with an all-call to parents” the day after it happened, according to a report on the investigation.

After the sheriff’s review was finished, police and prosecutors agreed not to pursue any criminal charges, leaving the final say in the matter up to the school board.

Canfield City Manager Wade Calhoun released the following statement on Tuesday:

The City of Canfield has reviewed the complaint filed on behalf of Alex Geordan against the Canfield Police Department and Police Chief Charles Colucci. The City will vigorously defend this case and is confident that the allegations contained in the complaint are without merit.