Former boxers Pavlik and Lyell create fitness and boxing training app

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Kelly Pavlik and Billy Lyell created the app the Sweet Science + over the summer

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Two former boxers have created a mobile app to help others with fitness and boxing training.

Kelly Pavlik and Billy Lyell created the app The Sweet Science + over the summer. The app is designed to train users in everyday fitness workouts.

Download the app for Apple products here

“You’re gonna learn great fundamentals of boxing by getting the app and you’re also gonna get the best full-body workout of any app out there,” Lyell said.

He and Pavlik were both professional boxers from the area. Now they don’t fight in the ring anymore but want to give back to the sport by teaching others.

“Billy was a former world title challenger, I was a former three-time world champion. So you have guys that have been to the top, that really know about boxing but also put in and implement a workout program like a professional boxer, that’s gonna make it great,” Pavlik said.

“There’s a portion where Kelly explains the exercises, he’ll explain the boxing techniques and the skills they learn and then I’ll demonstrate them. So you get the actual explanation and then if you want video footage, I actually show how to do all of the exercises,” Lyell said.

The app is available on Apple IOS. Although boxing is a key focus on the app, it is designed to do much more.

“This is just not a boxing, boxing or for people who wanna box, it’s for anybody who wants to get in shape and learn at the same time. That’s the best part about it. You’re really learning real boxing combinations along with getting in great shape,” Pavlik said.

The app also includes a nutrition plan to help with diet and meal planning. It allows you to enter personal information like weight and age, then it creates a customized meal plan. It gives you three meals a day and two snacks, with a list of ingredients and grocery list for the week.

“We wanted to include everybody from a 50, 60, 70-year-old man that never boxed but was always interested to the 20-year-old female in college or 30-year-old stay-at-home mom,” Lyell said.

The app is free to download, then there is a fee of $15 a month for the full workout sessions and $20 a month for the workout sessions and nutrition plan.

Both Pavlik and Lyell said being former professional boxers themselves, they wish they would have had an app like this available to help them train.

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