Former archivist talks about wrong dates in Brookfield Township history

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The year the township was founded, when the first settler arrived here are incorrect

BROOKFIELD TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Last week the Brookfield Township trustees held their monthly meeting and streamed it on Facebook.

One item brought up was that Lois Werner, former archivist for the Brookfield Historical Society, said she had a copy of the official document from Trumbull County that says the official founding date for Brookfield Township is Sept. 14, 1799.

The seal for the town says 1797 and the historical marker in the historic district says that Samuel Hinckley drew the land in a lottery in 1798.

“There’s been so many different dates given for the beginning that I thought it was nice to clear it up, and to know actually what the date is,” said Werner.

A copy of the official document that states Brookfield Township's official founding date is Sept. 14, 1799.
A copy of the document that shows the official founding date for Brookfield Township is Sept. 14, 1799.

She discovered the correct date when she was going through research that someone had done on their property.

“I’m working on writing a history and there are other dates that have been wrong,” said Werner. “I’m going back to original documents so that we have the actual document that says the right thing.”

One of the dates includes when the first settler James McMullen came here. She has found out that he got here later than people have said.

“The Trumbull County archives has the original deed for him also and so we have that,” Werner said.

The first history written for Trumbull and Mahoning counties was written in 1882, and she said it’s no surprise some dates are wrong.

“They didn’t use documents, they interviewed people,” said Werner. “Well, memories can be wrong.”

A lot of the documents and other historical items can be found in the archive room that Werner helped set up at the administration building.

“We finally had a place, we didn’t have a place before that,” she said.

The best way to get into the archive area is to contact the administrative building at 330-448-4500.

Werner can’t pinpoint when she specifically became interested in the history of the township, but along the way she did and she hasn’t stopped.

“I like to research so that’s what I’ve done,” she said.

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