Flooding issues and frustration continue following heavy rains

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WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Neighbors in Warren are cleaning up Thursday following heavy rains and flooding Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, there was serious flash flooding occurring in parts of the area, particularly in Trumbull County.

The water may be gone now, but the work cleaning up the mess left behind continues.

The Convenient Food Store on Elm Road had a foot of water inside. They tell First News the water was overflowing from their drainage system for almost three hours.

What started as a flowing stream turned into a pool of knee-deep water on Larchmont Avenue. The Convenient Food Store sits on the corner of Larchmont Avenue and Elm Road.

And heavy rain was also causing high water near Larchmont and Elm Road Wednesday. It was taking time for it to run from high to low places.

Many residents expressed frustration with the city when it comes to flooding and backed up sewer lines.

There is still standing water in Kim Floyd’s backyard in Warren as well as the lot next door, but late Wednesday afternoon, it was much worse as heavy rains swept through Trumbull and Mercer counties.

Floyd says this is a reoccurring problem.

“So, every time that it rains, the property is literally flooding out, whether we get rain like yesterday or just a little bit of rain,” she said.

Floyd says neighboring properties slope down toward hers, causing the flooding, and she’s been complaining about it for years.

“If we complain to the city, they tell us to go to the county. If we complain to the county, they tell us to go to the city,” Floyd said.

Even Thursday morning, when she tried to call the city’s Water Pollution Control office, she says she was told officials could not force neighbors to install new drainage.

“It’s panic mode. We’re like, ‘Oh God, what’s gonna happen now?’ said Susan Deleo, also of Warren.

Just like Floyd, this wasn’t the first time this problem has surfaced.

“This part of Meadowbrook, apparently there’s some sort of sewer disruption along this street,” Deleo said.

Warren City Council is expected to take up the flooding issue at a September 8 meeting.

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