(WKBN) — Winter storms cause power companies to prepare in advance. FirstEnergy crews inspect and upgrade their equipment constantly.

In the past year, it also trimmed trees along more than 5000 miles of power lines through the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys, helping to keep lines clear of falling branches from heavy snow.

“We’re confident that the work that we’ve done throughout the year to prepare our electric systems for the harsh winter elements will prevent widespread outages across the Valley this weekend,” said Lauren Siburkis with FirstEnergy.

FirstEnergy has their own team of meteorologists that are tracking the storm coming towards the Valley. They look for certain conditions in the forecast that could cause power outages like high winds and ice.

However, FirstEnergy meteorologists aren’t too worried about this winter storm.

“At this time, we don’t anticipate that it will be a major threat to our power system because current models indicate that sustained high winds and ice will not accompany the snow,” Siburkis said.

Siburkis mentioned winter storm impacts are unclear until they hit the Valley. So, she offered some tips on how you can get ready in case the lights go out.

“Put together an emergency prep kit. Those include flashlights, a first aid kit, batteries, bottled water, a cell phone and a car charger,” Siburkis said.

FirstEnergy customers can call to report their outage immediately at 1-888-LIGHTSS.