First seeds, now masks? BBB warns about mystery packages from China

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Lee Beary said his wife, who live in Canfield, found a mysterious package in their mailbox

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Everyone hates getting bills in the mail, but you still go to the mailbox hoping that today’s the day there’s something good inside. Recently, however, unexpected mail or packages have been getting attention.

Lee Beary said his wife found a mysterious package in their mailbox.

“She found this package which was labeled ‘masks’ on it. She immediately noticed it was from China,” Beary said.

The Canfield couple checked the label. It looks like someone had ordered masks. The couple already had plenty and the package made them curious.

“It pretty quickly moved to concern as soon as we realized it was from China and escalated once we saw Wuhan,” Beary said.

That’s where the package’s journey started on June 24. Beary got that information after plugging in the tracking number. It took seven weeks to reach his home, but he was freaked out by where it had started.

“Stuck it in the garage and we didn’t want to touch it,” Beary said.

The Better Business Bureau is aware of what’s happening. It started in July with seeds, and now the unwanted packages are showing up with other items inside.

“So these online retailers will send you an item and they will, in your name, post a fake review to boost their credibility online,” said Melissa Ames from the Better Business Bureau.

This is called brushing. The BBB believes it’s also a possible reflection of your digital footprint and a red flag that you might want to look at that closer.

“Contact that retailer that sent you that particular item. Let them know that this was a purchase that you did not make,” Ames said.

Beary called the police and postal inspector, and they told him to throw it away. He wanted a better answer and still hasn’t opened the package.

“I’ll hold onto it for a little bit. If there’s guidance for anyone else out there, I’ll have it to inspect if they want,” Beary said.

If you open an unwanted package and it contains seeds, which seemed to be in the first way of these mailings, don’t plant them. The Agriculture Department would like to analyze them.

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