STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – One man is in the hospital, while a young girl is safe after a fire swept through a home in Struthers.

It happened just after 9 p.m. Wednesday in the 500 block of Edison Avenue.

A pair of Struthers patrolmen were the first to get there, finding three people in the front yard — the homeowner, his daughter and her boyfriend.

“We asked, ‘Was anyone left in the residence?’ They said there was a 12-year-old girl and a dog,” said Struthers police Officer James Ritter.

Immediately, Officer Louis Rossi tried to make entry through the front, while Ritter ran around back to look for another way in.

“That’s when we saw a girl in the window — second story — screaming for help,” Ritter said.

As Ritter called out for a ladder, Rossi ran to the garage.

“An extension ladder on the wall, and we grabbed it and hastily ran to the window,” said Rossi.

With seconds counting, both men were thinking the same thing.

“How do we get this child out of this house?” Rossi recalled.

As the officers tried to reach the second-floor window, they realized that the ladder was broken. At the same time, Struthers Fire Department Engineer Scott Kehres pulled up to the scene.

“I jumped off the truck, grabbed the ladder out of the back, and went around back and met them in the back of the house,” Kehres said.

Kehres was able to climb to the second floor.

“I told her to either just come out to me, or… take your time, swing your legs out, and we’ll walk down the ladder,” he said.

Together, the three managed to get the girl to safety, but the family home couldn’t be saved.

The girl didn’t live in the home; she had only been staying there for the night.

Firefighters said the owner of the home was in the basement, working on a kerosene space heater, when the fire ignited and spread upstairs.

Firefighters say the incident is a reminder of the dangers of heaters.

“Any kind of space heater — kerosene, electric, whatever it is, I mean, don’t leave it unattended. Don’t leave your house with a space heater on,” Kehres said.

The homeowner is in stable condition for now at an Akron burn center. No one else was badly hurt, though the dog did die in the fire.