YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – First News had a special guest Friday at WKBN, and this person loves weather.

Kam Allison is seven years old and is from the Youngstown area. He had a chance to stop by First News today.

Kam got to check out the newsroom and even gave morning anchor Chelsea Spears a hug. We heard he knows everyone’s name.

But the big reason he came to visit was to see Chief Meteorologist Paul Wetzl.

He loves tracking forecasts, watching weather and all of the technology in the weather center.

“At first I said I wanted to be a fireman, then I wanted to be a weatherman. Like, it’s a cool thing to do,” Kam said.

Kam also said his birthday is this month. He will turn 8 on February 21, so happy early birthday to Kam!