(WKBN)- First Energy announced that it has stopped its Appliance Recycling Program.

In a press release on their website, they say the move is because of circumstances beyond their control.

This rebate program started in June and gave residents up to $75 for old appliances.

The release states that if you have an existing pickup appointment, that won’t happen.

The company says you should call your local waste management facility for disposal.

So what do you do if First Energy took your appliances recently, and you’re still waiting on your check? The company says they’ll still honor that and will contact you soon.

If you received a check but haven’t cashed it yet, they say to wait and they’ll contact you and send a new check. Cashing that old check could result in a bank fee for an invalid check.

If you’ve already done this and have been charged that bank fee– the company says they’ll reimburse you.

If you have an outstanding rebate from ARCA Recycling, First Energy revealed what people can expect. They released the following information:

  • If you have not yet received a rebate check from ARCA Recycling, rest assured we will honor your rebate and appreciate your patience as we resolve this issue. We will contact you as soon as possible regarding your rebate payment.
  • If you have received a rebate check from ARCA Recycling (Citizens Alliance Bank)please do not cash it as it may result in bank fees. We will contact you as soon as possible to issue a new rebate payment.
  • If you have been charged a bank fee for attempting to cash an invalid rebate check, we apologize. In addition to honoring your rebate for participating in the program, we will reimburse you for any bank fees you’ve incurred for attempting to cash an invalid check. Please email eeescalationmailbox@firstenergycorp.com with your account number, name, mailing address, check amount and proof of bank fees associated with the invalid rebate check.

First Energy apologized for the inconvenience.