(WKBN) — As electric crews continue putting in 16-hour days to restore service around the area, they are warning people to be very careful around power lines.

Officials with FirstEnergy told First News they’ve replaced more than 25,000 feet of electric line since Saturday — on top of dozens of utility poles and transformers that were knocked over by the high winds — or falling tree limbs.

They’re also reminding people to stay away from any line that’s fallen.

“Safety is a top priority right now,” said Lauren Siburkis of FirstEnergy. “There’s still a lot of downed and low-hanging lines. Assume that any downed and low-hanging line is energized and dangerous. Don’t assume that it’s a cable line or a telecommunications line. Always assume it’s a power line and that it’s hot.”

Siburkis says crews from a dozen other states have been brought in to help teams from FirstEnergy in the area.

While most of the larger outages could be back Monday or Tuesday, she said it could be Wednesday before some individual customers have their service restored.