ELK RUN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s a burning desire for firewood. But a shorter supply is making it hard to keep in stock. With higher prices for electricity, natural gas and heating oil, some people are choosing to fire up the fireplace.

Dan Leverknight sold out of firewood in November last year. His woodpile in Elk Run Township is a mix of ash, walnut, maple, oak, and cherry. Every wood but pine. All cut to 14 inches. He just wishes he could get his hands on more.

“What I’ve got behind me is what I got left. And then I’ve got a backup plan to get other firewood but as far as that, I’m looking for places to go to get firewood,” he said. “I think it’s gonna be a lot harder to find because a lot more people are going to start cutting it themselves and split it.

Leverknight is competing with other cutters for wood that has fallen down. They’ve seen less in the last couple of years from storms. And many people are now just cutting it up for themselves and their fireplaces, instead of asking for help clearing it off their property.

“A lot of people it’s not worth it to them because it is a lot of work. I bring it in in logs. And then I run a machine from VanPelt and I run it through a wood processor,” Leverknight said.

Leverknight has eliminated free delivery and sells wood for $275 a cord. He served in the Army National Guard for 18 years and sells firewood as a winter income.

Wood that sits a year is better. Burning fresh wood will put more creosote in the chimney and that could cause a fire. Leverknight is trying to find wood now for next year’s pile.

“If they want to get their tops cleaned up or they have wood laying, I’d be more than happy for them to give me a call and they’ll look at it and if it’s feasible for me, I come in and clean it up for him,” Leverknight said.

Leverknight runs Buddha’s Farm in Elk Run Township. It’s named after his daughter. He anticipates that finding wood that has already fallen will keep getting tougher to find.