Firefighters come to aid of downed horse in Mecca Twp.

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Firefighters come to the aid of a horse that laid down but couldn't get back up

MECCA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Thanks to planning, teamwork, and some creative thinking a huge horse is back on his feet. It wasn’t a typical rescue mission but one that saved an animal’s life.

At 19 hands tall, CaRayna Farm’s Christmas Majik, a 15-year-old 2,300-pound Black Percheron, is a sight to see, especially standing on all fours. Carissa Yekel is his owner.

“It’s a little short of a miracle that he is even standing up. We weren’t quite sure if he was going to pull through, but he had the will to fight, so here he stands,” said Carissa Yekel.

Getting him to stand was a large obstacle for this big horse. Because of the cold, Majik had laid down in his stall and was stuck that way for more than a day. Yekel says getting him up was crucial for his survival, and time wasn’t on their side.

“With the cold temperatures, not being able to get up posed a huge problem, and he needed huge help,” Yekel said.

So, she called in reinforcements in the form of Mecca Township Firefighters, who then recruited Jeff’s Towing for the rescue mission.

“We were able to successfully, with a lot of ingenuity and planning, able to slide the horse from the stall. It was dragged into the arena, and then we were able to lift the horse and hold it up until it was able to get its feet back up,” said Assistant Chief Kevin Kuriatnyk.

Yekel said she is very grateful for everyone’s effort to save her horse.

“Words can’t express my gratitude towards all of them. It’s not something they had to do. They came without a doubt, and we just made it happen,” Yekel said.

Majik is a little stiff and sore today, but he’s standing.

“He’s standing in the arena, and that’s the best thing that we could have hoped for,” Kuriatnyk said.

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