TRANSFER, Ohio (WKBN) — Summer means lots of cookouts with friends or drinks around a bonfire, but with this dry weather, fires can pose an extra risk.

Plenty of people were taking advantage of the weather and were camped out at Shenango River Lake, and what’s camping without a bonfire? With the dry weather and winds, resource manager Bill Spring says you should keep fire safety in mind.

“We always recommend plenty of water or a fire extinguisher around the area that you’re having a fire,” Spring said. “Make sure that your fire extinguisher is rated for the material that you’re burning.”

If you are going to be barbecuing or building a campfire, Spring recommends using something that has a ring around it to contain the fire and be sure there’s no brush or grass around. There’s also a list of items you shouldn’t bring with you on your camping trip.

“Gasoline, diesel or any type of accelerant that would be uncontrolled. They’re not meant for igniting a fire,” Spring said.

As tempting as it is to let the barbecue go while you take a swim or step away from the fire, Spring says to make sure the fire is out and that kids and pets are safe.

“We want to make sure that we touch the area around the fire after dousing it several times with water, stirring the ashes, making sure that it’s fully extinguished,” he said.

Fireworks and alcohol are not allowed at Shenango River Lake and Spring reminds you to boat safely and wear a life jacket while on the water.