Fire levy up for approval by Cortland City Council

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One thing the fire department is looking to replace is its 27-year-old engine

CORTLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — A 1.5 mill continuous capital improvement levy is up for approval by city council for the Cortland Fire Department.

According to Fire Chief David Rea, the money can only be used on equipment.

“We continually get new and updated, unfunded state and federal mandates about that. We have to replace our gear every so often,” he said.

One thing they are looking to replace is their 27-year-old fire engine.

“It’s still running, we’re still getting good use out of it, but we’re starting to have to replace larger items,” Rea said. “We had to replace part of the water pump that actually moves the water. We’re going to have to put a new exhaust on it, stuff like that.”

The building also needs looked at because it was never built for full-time employees.

“We have grown way past the abilities to house our people and have people in here on a continuous basis,” Rea said.

City council’s answer is expected by July 20. If they approve it, it will be on the ballot for voters in November.

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