TRANSFER, Pa. (WKBN) — The Transfer Volunteer Fire Department celebrated its 75th anniversary, and there was an open house Saturday for the community to join in on the celebrations.

A room filled with memorabilia dating back from 1948 sat inside the Transfer Volunteer Fire Station.

“It’s really neat to see all that history, know that history and be able to share it with the community,” said Maggie Miller, fire department president.

Community members observed pictures of the old fire trucks and checked out trophies the station earned throughout the years because of their consistent service.

“We all have full-time jobs, so we are getting up in the middle of the night to respond to a fire, an accident or a medical emergency,” Miller said.

On Saturday, kids got the opportunity to learn all about how the fire station and fire trucks work in Transfer.

“They’ve been learning about the tankers, where sometimes they go to fight fires [and] they don’t have hydrants where they can get water from, so they have to bring their own,” said Sally Schlieper, of Transfer.

Schlieper and her family just moved to the area. She said she’s grateful to have the fire department here.

“It gives a good sense of community, because they don’t get paid for what they do, so it shows they have a great heart for their community,” she said.

In return, the volunteer fire department is thankful for the community.

“We rely on the community for donations, and we rely on them to help support us to support them,” Miller said.