CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — At what may be the area’s most historic apartment complex, there’s less left standing after two of the buildings were destroyed by fire Tuesday evening.

It started around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the former Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company Housing complex. When First News arrived at the scene, there were flames shooting through virtually every window.

Campbell fire Chief Stephen Dubic said the call first came in about a fire in the building on Ensley Drive. When crews arrived, they saw a building on Booker Avenue was also burning.

Dubic said he believes the fires started at the same time. All the department could do was let it burn.

“We had too much fire, basically, in both buildings in a short amount of time,” Dubic said.

No one was hurt, but no cause has been determined.

The Sheet and Tube housing units were built in 1918 and were considered the first pre-fabricated concrete apartment complex ever built. Over the past decade, they have become so rundown that most of them were scheduled to be demolished.

T.J. Renninger contributed to this report.