YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The holidays are oftentimes associated with spending and indulging. Because of this, it’s common for people to rack up credit card debt around this time of year.

Jeff Olenych, a financial advisor with Olenych Financial Group, said credit card debt is the worst of all debts because of the high interest rate. He says the best way to prevent debt is to develop a budget and stick to it.

Olenych recommends cutting out little things like subscriptions, around and after the holidays, to help pay down those debts quicker, and it’s not uncommon to need a few months to pay things off after the holidays.

“You don’t just want that to linger throughout the whole year and then you start that cycle over again. If it takes you nine months to a year to pay it off then you’re right back to the holidays again,” he said.

Anyone struggling with credit card debt should reach out to a debt consolidation company or look into a financial advisor. Olenych also encourages people to call their credit card company and ask for a reduction of the interest rate.