Crime movie filmed in Youngstown premieres Saturday night at Movies 8

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The film "Bodybag Ohio" is about crime, drugs and politicians

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A movie with local ties premiered Saturday night at Movies 8 in Boardman.

“Bodybag Ohio,” the locally-made film from Kwai Daniels, dives into the world of drugs, crime and politics.

It was shot in the city of Youngstown and most of the talent came from the area.

An enthusiastic crowd, mostly made up of actors involved in the project, packed the theater for a one-night-only showing.

The film doesn’t shy away from violence, and while the gritty subject matter may turn some off, it was an opportunity for the film’s star, Danny Rios, to bring some of his uniquely Youngstown experiences into his acting.

Rios said his role was inspired by his days working for members of the mafia in Youngstown.

“In the ’70s, I worked for Lou Tiberio in his restaurant. So I’ve seen a lot of mafia ties and met a lot of people,” Rios said. “I’ve kind of played into it. I grew up on the east side so I was on both sides of the tracks.”

Rios plays Earl “The Pearl” in the movie.

He said it was a lot of fun to make.

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