Fewer flowers available this Mother’s Day due to worldwide shortage

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This year has been especially busy for florists despite the shortage of flowers

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – If you haven’t gotten anything for mom yet this Mother’s Day, flowers might not be a safe, last-minute gift idea this year.

This year is a big year for flowers, but the problem is there’s a flower shortage. 

This is due in part to a nationwide shortage of truck drivers, but it’s not just a lack of truckers to ship flowers that’s affecting the market.

A lot of flowers we get are not grown in the U.S. Other countries are slowly opening after COVID-19, but this still affected flowers getting here in Ohio. 

Ann Marie Velchek, manager of Blooming Crazy Flower Shop in Boardman, explained other factors impacting the flower shortage.

“A lot of flowers come from the south where they’ve been having issues in their own countries. Whether it be strikes, hurricanes, volcanoes, all those type of things on top of COVID. They were closed for so long where the workers weren’t able to go get things planted as they normally do,” Velchek said.

Less flowers were actually planted.

“They were closed for so long where the workers weren’t able to go to work. They weren’t able to get things planted as they normally do,” Velchek said.

Still even though they ordered early and from a variety of different vendors, Blooming Crazy has had problems getting certain types of flowers.

We’re told this year has been especially busy though despite the shortage of flowers.

“We knew around Valentine’s Day that things were a little difficult to get,” Velchek said.

Florists at Blooming Crazy says they had to order flowers months in advance for Mother’s Day. They are also thinking of some creative ways to work around the lack of flowers, mostly by giving their designers more freedom to build each bouquet. 

“We did more of a designer choice option this year,” Velchek said. “They could tell us the color and certain flowers and we tried to do that.”

Some florists said they had to start preordering flowers for Mother’s Day months ago.

And demand for flowers is high this year.

“We normally have one delivery truck a day. We’ve had five. We usually have four designers a day. We’ve had 12,” Velchek said.

They’ve tripled the staff working to make arrangements and deliver flowers not just for Mother’s Day but also for prom, funerals, etc. 

Enough blooms have been coming in to fill the orders, but they when the shop ordered the flowers from the supplier, they weren’t always sure what they were getting.

“We’ve had a lot of flowers come in, but we sometimes didn’t know what was coming in,” Velchek said.

They haven’t had a general shortage of flowers at their shop, but they have had an issue getting certain types of flowers.

“When we placed an order for a, b, c, d sometimes we didn’t get that. Earlier in the week, we could not get red roses. Now we can get red roses. Then we couldn’t get pink roses at another time,” Velchek said.

Flowers are difficult to get because of a truck driver shortage nationwide.

Even when there are drivers, there is a shortage of flowers themselves.

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