YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — An indictment unsealed Wednesday in federal court charges 14 people with selling drugs in the Youngstown area.

According to the 54-page indictment, which was unsealed in the U.S. Northern District Court Of Ohio, members of the ring sold heroin, fentanyl, crack cocaine and powder cocaine and used four houses in the city as bases to sell or store their drugs.

Those charged are Terrence May, 46; Thomas May, 42; Terri May, 22; Terris May, age unavailable; Key-Shaun Davis, age unavailable; Hope Butler, 22; Wesley May, 23; Christina May, 28; Ronald Falwoski, age unavailable; Carlo Demain, 28; Jason Stiner, 38; Nyasia Lopez, 27; Shanika Simmons, 38; and Allison Grossen, 35.

  • Carlo Demain, mugshot, arrested in drug ring
  • Thomas May, mugshot, arrested in drug ring
  • Ronald Falkowski, mugshot, arrested in drug ring
  • Terri May, mugshot, arrested in drug ring
  • Allison Grossen, mugshot, arrested in drug ring
  • Jason Stiner, mugshot, arrested in drug ring
  • Keyshaun Davis, mugshot, arrested in drug ring

There are also several unindicted co-conspirators, according to the indictment.

Charges include conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and crack cocaine; being a felon in possession of a firearm; distribution of tramadol; and use of a communications facility in furtherance of a drug crime.

The case is assigned to U.S. Judge Benita Y. Pearson. The indictment was handed down Aug. 25 but not unsealed until Wednesday. Law enforcement authorities are in the process of rounding up all those who were indicted.

It is not clear how all of the Mays are related but several times in the indictment people talk of Terrence May giving drugs to one of his sons or daughters to sell.

The indictment said Terrence May used a home on Lasalle Avenue to sell drugs; Thomas May used a house on East Evergreen Avenue; Terry May used a house on Rhoda Avenue; and Terris May and Key-Shaun Davis used a home on Southern Boulevard.

According to the indictment, undercover buys began Feb. 8, 2020, and continued until several search warrants were served Jan. 5.

When the warrants were served, authorities found over $3,400 in cash and materials to store drugs at the home Terrence May was using; a 9mm semiautomatic pistol and an AR-15-type semiautomatic rifle were found at the East Evergreen Avenue home Thomas May was using; and an AR-15 was found at the home of an unindicted co-conspirator.

Investigators also used wiretaps in their investigation, and at one point, Terrence May could be heard arguing with one of the unindicted co-conspirators over the quality of the drugs he was selling. May accused the man of “cutting,” or diluting the drugs too much.

In another conversation he had with Stiner, Terrence May warns him about being around drugs because a sentence he is serving is almost up. Stiner wanted May to bring drugs to the Communications Corrections Association facility on Market Street and leave them in a dumpster so Stiner could retrieve them.

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May also accused Stiner of selling the drugs in the facility and “lowballing” him on how much Stiner wanted to pay for them.

Stiner was in CCA as part of a sentence he had received from Mahoning County Common Pleas Court.