YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Criminal complaints were filed Thursday in federal court against two of three suspects in the theft of several guns early Monday from a Braceville sporting goods store.

Daquantae Kimbrough, 25 and Brendon Nichols, 28, each appeared Thursday in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge George Limbert on federal charges of stealing firearms.

Nicholas was ordered detained pending a detention hearing that has yet to be scheduled, according to court records.

Court records show that Kimbrough waived both his detention and preliminary hearings.

A third suspect, Jalen McCall, 18, is presently being held in the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center on a probation violation from juvenile court.

The three are accused of taking 34 guns early Monday morning from Rattlesnake Hill Sporting Goods at the corner of state Routes 82 and 534.

Ten of the guns were found in a Bordman home where Nichols was arrested Monday after a brief standoff. Kimbrough was arrested before the standoff when he went to visit his girlfriend at the Mahoning County Jail. A total of 12 guns have been recovered so far, authorities have said.

“There are still 14 firearms, stolen firearms at large today, and we want to see that these weapons don’t end up in the wrong hands. We’ll do whatever we have to to recover the weapons,” said Trumbull County Sheriff Paul Monroe.

Anyone with information on the stolen guns is asked to call the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office at 330-675-4039.

A criminal complaint for both men said the three were at the store at 3:30 p.m. Sunday and bought ammunition. The last four digits of Kimbrough’s debit card were recorded during the purchase, the complaint said.

Deputies with the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office answered an alarm call at the store about 2:30 a.m. Monday and witnesses told them they saw two masked men running out of the store carrying several items and driving away in a Saturn, which was followed by a Ford Explorer. The complaint said the three who were at the store Sunday afternoon came to the store in a Saturn.

Investigators knew that Kimbrough was planning on meeting his girlfriend at the jail and deputies took him into custody there.

The complaint said when questioned, Kimbrough admitted to buying ammunition at the store Sunday afternoon and going back to the store at 1:30 a.m. Monday after a man he identified as “Ben” suggested they go back.

Kimbrough said that is when he realized a break-in was planned at the store, the complaint said.

Bolt cutters were used by Ben to cut the lock on the door, then Ben kicked in the door, the complaint said. Ben went to where the long guns were while Kimbrough told deputies he stole as many handguns as he could, the complaint said. They placed the guns in a bag, carried them out, and then went to a home in Boardman where Nichols was arrested.

Other law enforcement personnel watched as Kimbrough was dropped off at the jail in the Saturn. The person driving the Saturn was Nichols, the complaint said. The Saturn is also registered to the mother of Nichols, the complaint said.

Nichols was followed into Mill Creek Park and when he stopped on East Glacier Avenue, the car following him turned on its emergency lights. The Saturn then accelerated and was driving so fast on the twisting roads in the park that the officers who were following him lost him, the complaint said.

Authorities were able to find the address for Nichols’ mother and learned he also had a warrant. The photo of the person wanted on the warrant matched the driver of the Saturn, the complaint said.

Investigators also searched Nichols’ Facebook account, where made a post saying he was sorry for “messing up all the time.” Law enforcement personnel then went to Boardman, where they found Nichols in a Baymar Drive home. He gave himself up after talking on the phone to investigators, the complaint said.

When questioned, Nichols told investigators where he put the guns in his home. He also told them he went to the store Sunday with Kimbrough and two other people not named, then went back early Monday morning after he had been drinking.

Nicholas said he tried to grab all the guns he liked when he visited the store on Sunday, the complaint said. They went back to the house of Nichols’ mother and left guns in the Saturn until she left for work, the complaint said.

Investigators also found a pair of bolt cutters at the home, the complaint said.

Nadine Grimley contributed to this report.