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Feds ask to seize $500K and Mercedes in Pa. drug indictments

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The indictment names 33 people facing drug charges

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WKBN) – A federal grand jury in Pittsburgh has charged 33 people in three separate indictments with drug trafficking and gun violations. 

The first two indictments include 29 people who prosecutors say sold or intended to sell heroin and/or cocaine between August 2018 and May 2019. 

The suspects include: 

• Howard McFadden, 29, of Turtle Creek, PA
• James Wells, 31, of Braddock, PA
• Donald Singleton, 47, of Pittsburgh, PA
• Richard Coto-Wheat, 26, of Duquesne, PA
• Jaymare Jackson, 29, of Braddock, PA
• Dorian Boyd, 24, of Braddock, PA
• Delbert Pate, 26, of Duquesne, PA
• Michael Rose, 27, of Pittsburgh, PA
• Reginald Brown, 29, of East Pittsburgh, PA
• Kreg Williams, 29, of Duquesne, PA
• Keenan Williams, 21, of Duquesne, PA
• Rand Wolford, 31, of Braddock, PA
• Marcel Sewell, 58, of Braddock, PA
• Talen Holmes, 21, of Pittsburgh, PA
• Rodney Dennard, 51, of Pittsburgh, PA
• Bernard Wilkins, 56, of Irwin, PA
• William Kalna, 50, of West Newton, PA
• Justin Law, 30, of Wilkinsburg, PA
• Tyrone Roilton, 28, of Braddock, PA
• Lisamarie Ross, 35, of New Alexandria, PA
• Travis Moore, 26, of Pittsburgh, PA
• Thomas Dwyer, 42, of Homestead, PA
• Gregory Luptak, 51, of North Huntington, PA
• Paula DeBaker, 55, of Braddock, PA
• Philip Matey, 53, of North Braddock, PA
• Chadlin Leavy, 30, of Pittsburgh, PA (also charged in the third Indictment)
• Marvin Porter, 48, of Allison Park, PA
• Damien Franklin, 26, of Verona, PA
• Larry Dandridge, 24, of Monroeville, PA

Prosecutors have also asked the court to allow them to seize a Jeep Grand Cherokee, GMC Sierra, Mercedes-Benz, a handgun and $892 in connection to the cases. 

The third indictment includes five people charged with trafficking in marijuana. In this case, prosecutors are asking to seize over $500,000 in cash. 

The suspects include the following: 

• Eric Vanderslice, 39, of Phoenixville, PA
• Wayne Barker, 61, of West Mifflin, PA
• William Barker, 63, of Upper St. Clair, PA
• Jared Eck, 28, of Pittsburgh, PA
• Chadlin Leavy, 30, of Pittsburgh, PA (also charged in the second indictment)

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