FARRELL, Pa. (WKBN) – There was a District 10 sports meeting Wednesday. Farrell school officials say they were not informed of the meeting. There was some talk about how students have reacted during recent games against Farrell.

Farrell has a strong sports tradition, but some say a few of its opponents have lost focus on competition. There have been two incidents where some fans have been accused of focusing more on skin color.

“I think this is where a conversation needs to be had to understand how a community could be hurt by gestures or perceived situations that might not be big for you, but it may be for someone else,” said Dr. Erin Houston, with the Shenango Valley Urban League.

The school district said it could not comment on the incidents due to litigation. It wouldn’t answer a question about whether the district was behind the litigation or a defendant.

One place where the conversation has deepened is the Shenango Valley Urban League. It has offered diversity and inclusion training to two school districts. Both Lakeview (Pa.) and Jamestown districts have accepted.

“DI training is important because it allows for everyone to be able to see another perspective to view how some things can be received through a different lens,” Houston said.

Farrell has a school board meeting next week to talk about the situation and maybe bring up possible options.

“It takes sometimes, you know, conversations and sometimes difficult conversations or uncomfortable conversations to reach that goal of having people understand how another community may live. And cultural competence is really the goal,” Houston said.

Farrell postponed last night’s volleyball game to ensure its athletes wouldn’t be subject to any more insensitive comments or actions.